The 10ft Reefer Container is equipped with a cooling unit to control the temperature in the container, suited for transporting delicate goods that require a fixed temperature, such as medicine or foodstuffs.



10ft reefer container is commonly used around Europe. This is because they provide a 13 m³ temperature for transport use and a controlled space for storage. For construction site, events and business men with limited space for storage, these reefer shipping container are ideal for such purposes. The temperature of these containers can be set from -40 °C up to +35 °C depending on the model. These containers are fully insulated.  The inner surface of a reefer container is made of stainless steel and aluminum. This makes the reefer container very easy to wash and clean the insights after use.

Advantages of a reefer container.

  • Wind and water proof;
  • Suited for Transport;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Net weight; is accurately low
  • No noise factor;
  • Superior operator interface and advanced humidity management;
  • 5 Pins reefer plug(16Amp);
  • Temperature range: from -40°Cel to +35°Cel;
  • Fully checked and free delivered onto truck on our depots.
  • Containers are thoroughly checked before delivery and all of them carry a valid CSC date
  • Containers can be delivered worldwide.

The  reefer container operates with 32 A 3-phase 5-pin or maritime plug, based on your preference. The standard model has a T-bar or flat floor. A reefer container can be equipped with various accessories. These are suitable for international transportation (CSC).

Technical Specifications of a Reefer shipping Container:

Capacity: 12m3

Tempature inside (min./max.): -40°Cel to +35°Cel

Recommended fuse: 25 AMP

Decibel at 10m: 58 db

Electric connection: 32 A CEE Plug

10ft reefer container Dimensions

Length: 2991 mm, Width: 2440 mm, Height: 2591 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 2360 mm, Width: 2292 mm, Height: 2310 mm. Capacity: 12,5 m3

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