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Q: Why use Shipmancontainer?

A : shipmancontainers has been in existence from the year 2002. we have taken it our top priority to make sure we provide very comfortable and cheap containers for our clients. If you don’t mind see about us for additional data. We have amazing audit appraisals and as a family-claimed and worked business, we value our elevated expectations of individual client support. Our reputation implies you can depend on us to convey your items on-schedule and in magnificent condition, and in the impossible occasion we commit an error, we will ensure that we put it right.

Q: Can I come and see your products?

A : When a client request to come and visit our base in Poland, we make sure the feel free to visit us at any time they wsih to and  meet our educated group and talk about your convenience and capacity necessities up close and personal. One of the advantages of managing shipmancontainers is that not normal for most organizations, we hold enormous loads of both recruit and deals lodges, compartments and level packs. We are not based at a port, so as long as it’s sheltered to do as such, we can even let you select your own lodges and compartments from our stock. In the event that you might want to genuinely see the holders, if it’s not too much trouble ensure that you wear solid strolling type boots to follow wellbeing and security necessities.


Q: How do I enquire about availability and get a quotation?

A : If you want more information about a container you want to buy the best site to do so is www.shipmancontainer.com this is the unique place where you can take a gander at various recruit and deals items and discover heaps of valuable data. For every item you can make a printable or email PDF to spare or send.  When you discover things that you like, add them to your bin and afterward request the deal items on the web. For recruit things, you can’t organization on the web however can put an enquiry.

Q: How can i place an order on your site?

A : What is often required from our clients is a composed request for both recruit and deals buys, as a rule by email and on the off chance that you have just gotten a citation, if it’s not too much trouble utilize the reference when requesting (it typically ordinarily starts with the letter ‘Q’). The speediest route is to buy straightforwardly is through the site (every minute of every day), where you can add things to your shopping bushel in the standard way and look at. We can likewise take your request verbally as long as you follow this up straightaway with email affirmation. 

Q: What are the terms of your payment?.

A : Insofar as we shop on the web, installments are rquired ahead of time for each buy. For clients who are new and need to enlist an item and subject to credit search, installment are regularly required ahead of time for the conveyance and assortments costs notwithstanding the initial a month’s recruit. Once shipmancontainer is happy with your installment history and FICO assessment, you reserve the option to approach us for a 30-day account. On the off chance that you are a huge business, contingent upon your financial assessment we may set up a record for you straightaway. For any futher conversations you can get in contact with your Sales Advisors.

Q: After placing an order how do i make payments?

A : We acknowledge installment by bank we will send your our bank details. You should simply to follow the connection and enter all your own and card subtleties. For security and information insurance reasons we don’t assume installment by acknowledgment card via phone. Credit accounts must be paid inside 30 days and we can acknowledge bank move.


Q: What methods do you use for delivery?

A : On locales with limited access, we may need to convey by interchange implies, for example, 4WD, forklift, adaptive handler or even man-dealing with our level pack scope of capacity holders. This will be examined with the Business Development group when you put in your request.

Q: How can i verify if you can access our property or business?

A : We can get a ton of data about access via phone and utilizing Google mapping; in the event that we are as yet not certain, at that point we will attempt a site visit. The primary things that mess us up are frail or low extensions, overhanging branches and trees, underground administrations and man gaps, overhead links and electrics and confined doors under 10ft (3m) wide, particularly on the off chance that they are not in an orderly fashion.

Q: How can you assure me i will be able to access my site?.

A : Our comapny can offer a client  an administrative overview, the expense of which will, much of the time, be discounted on the off chance that you continue with the citation.

Q: What is the cost of each delivery?

A : Conveyance cost is influenced by the size and number of units being conveyed to a solitary area, how rapidly you need the units and in the event that you are adaptable with the conveyance date and time. Fundamentally the additional time and notice you give us, the more prominent the possibility that you will get your conveyance precisely when you need it at the most ideal conveyance rate. We are normally reserving transport at any rate three to five days ahead, yet at top occasions this can be longer.


Q: What are the various containers that you have for sale?

A : Shipmancontainer has made accessible an assortment of holders in stock with the end goal that the requests of the clients are completely prescription. On the off chance that an item is required and shipmancontainers can not give or isn’t in position of such an item, with the remain by group profoundly trust accomplices can be prescribed to a customer.

Q: ‘One Trip’ containers refer to?

A : ‘One outing’ compartments are produced in China and have been accustomed to carry freight into the nation on a solitary excursion from China to Europe, for example ‘one excursion’. These holders are worked to demanding ISO gauges yet are a lot less expensive than a compartment worked in Europe. ‘One excursion’ holders are the standard ‘new’ compartment provided in Poland and Europe.

Q: When a container has been used how long can it last?

A : The future of a holder will rely upon its condition at the retail location. An a ‘one outing’ compartment with cautious use and standard upkeep, for example, painting and overhauling, can give 20-25 years of administration. A pre-owned holder is sold breeze and watertight and would have a much lower future which is likewise influenced by nearby climatic conditions.

Q: when i buy a container can I fit doors and windows?

A : In the event that you will jump at the chance to alter your compartment we have a remain by group that can get you out with the fitting of entryways and windows on your holder. Simply get in touch with us through our email at info@shipmancontainer.com


Q: When you talk of Container Conversion what do you mean?

A : converted containers are measured structure or versatile settlement unit that has been developed utilizing the ISO 20ft or 40ft delivery compartment as a structure square.

Q: How long does it normally take to convert a shipping container?

A : Regularly multifaceted nature is a factor we mull over, when the last drawings have been done and concurred with the customer, commonplace between time can run for half a month. At the point when a request is put a definite date can concluded  and the organization raise a proforma receipt which would should be paid by come back to ensure the concurred date.

Q: What warranty do I get with a converted container?

A : when a customer buys a container from Shipmancontainers we offer that client a full 12 month guarantee.

Q: Does the company charge if my container needs modification?.

A : In case you have a container that needs modifiction, shipmancontainer has put in plcae to take care of your fixing and modification, we can likewise restore the CSC dispatching plate for abroad delivery use whenever required by the customer.

Q: Can container conversions be shipped overseas?

A : We have a number of guidelines influencing accreditation for transportation, as this requires noteworthy basic uprightness. The holder could be at the base of a heap of six compartments all with 30 tons in and along these lines for local markets we don’t work to this particular. It would be ideal if you let us know toward the start of the undertaking on the off chance that you have to send the holder and it is likewise significant that compartment transformations including openings and gaps are not reasonable for rail transport because of the extreme pneumatic stress made by passing trains.

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