A variety of containers are sold each year by various container shipping companies to other countries across Europe and the world at large, what makes our containers unique is the fact the all containers for export sold are allocated with an ISO plate designed to carry goods and other products around the globe. If you are looking for a container for your business, storage or event we are always ready to make one or more available for you with the necessary documents to ease your transportation to your location at any point in time.


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‘Last way’ shipping containers for export are ideal to use when delivering products far away from the normal routes, places where they are mostly shipped to may include places such as disaster relief zones, military purposes mostly areas that are not easily accessible, oil and gas exploration. When these containers are taken to such areas they are mostly transformed to suit other needs since by so doing the safe the stress and cost of getting a new container and in some cases when used, they are either left or resold to the persons or agencies in need of such containers.

One trip shipping containers are built for us in Chinese factories, used once and then delivered to our yard. They are available from stock in 20ft and 40ft lengths of standard height, high cube and specials (tunnel containers with doors at both ends and side opening containers). ‘One trip’ containers are usually plated for shipping for five years from the date of manufacture so typically our stocks will be plated for at least four years from purchase. ‘One trip’ containers would typically have an expected shipping life of 10-15 years when employed for normal shipping uses.

Driver was really helpful and put the container just where we needed it. Really happy with the container condition. Overall great experience and will recommend shipmancontainers to as many as possible



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