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With the wide range of demand for containers to be used for a short period of time, Shipmancontainer has made it a top priority to make sure we have more than enough containers at our warehouse available to customers for rent at any point in time both in our base in Gorzow, Poland and our other units in the United States and UK.

More often what the customer needs the container for is what may trigger the process of renting a container, it could be for the purpose of providing storage for construction sites, factories, households and businesses who wish to transport certain goods. In this case it will depend on the type of goods you are shipping, where they are taken to, and what amount of time you need for these goods to be delivered to your location. Renting a container is ideal for such a process with the amount of protection it provides for your goods.

A better option for someone who works for or own’s a large business that will need to ship large quantity of goods on a regular basis could be to buy a container, because it will make more sense for you to buy your own container rather than renting one. Due to the fact that you are involved in the transportation of goods more often may be more costly renting a container at every point in time than buying one, which in the long run you may chose customize the container with your company logo and kept in your warehouse for easy loading and offloading purposes at any point in time. 

With these various areas mentioned above, the most appropriate way to go about this is to look for a company that specializes in renting shipping containers like shipmancontainers for a set amount of time on a contractual basis, or you could look for reduced price used shipping containers, if you are on a budget. When you acquire a container for rent through a contract, you may have access to your container for years at a time, while you continue to ship your goods to several international locations.

  • The company has a wide range of – 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft  shipping containers for rent at different price levels starting from just £12 every week for the cheapest 20ft rents.
  • We also have 3m flat pack containers for agents or business men with locations not easily accessible by vehicles.
  • A decision of two sizes of bunded stores for the capacity of items and fluids that may be harming to nature.

In case you need guidance on getting a storage container for your business, factory and household please complete an online enqiury and send to us or you may contact our hire team for further details.

Prefer to buy a shipping container? See our range of containers for sale.


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Most of the containers I got from shipmancontainers were good and every content kept inside are very safe from a damp and very affordable.

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