conversion of containers, Container Conversions, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers


For our years of existence, Shipmancontainers has helped thousands of customers modify their containers into what ever they want through our stand by team. We have available drawings our customers can choose from and we get the job done in no time. Get in touch with us for more details.

The company has a variety of containers from the 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, right up to 40ft containers available in the company’s store for customers who want to buy but want to see the shape of the container. They can decide to visit at any point in time for crosschecking. The containers available can be used by aid agencies for personal short term projects, by business people located in remote areas not easily accessible from time to time, again there are containers we have used for other delivery purposes for the passed 8-12 years completely redesigned to increase their life span. By so doing the cost of such containers are reduced and can serve our customers for a long period of time giving them an added advantage due to the fact that it’s cost effective.

Our containers are produced according to the ISO productions principles making them completely solid and strong which can contain up 30 tons and loaded up to about nine units high. Our containers are manufactured in China after which they are transported to us with full protection to our in UI.Krotka 4 in Poland and to our various unites in the UK and US as well. Since they are still ‘one trip’ containers, they are usually very solid and still in very good shape which can be can transformed to what ever models our clients may request for.



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Customers with the aim to transform their containers from our base before transportation always comes with the responsibility we make available plating certificates to make sure we ease the shipping process from our base to their given locations. This is mostly common when dealing with international delivery.

Projects that may include converting containers to shapes that may include doors and windows or vents may not be suitable for transportation by rail as a result of the significant air pressure that occur when trains pass by with high speed. These projects are advisable when dealing with domestic deliveries. Shipmancontainer makes it possible for such conversions to be done due to the fact that our stand by team can carry out such projects after delivery at set locations. The charges for such modifications are included in the customers invoice when their order has been placed and processed. For more information contact us through the company’s email or phone number on the website.

Customers are always advised to inform the company before time when placing their order for a container modification due to the amount of design work required and the complexity of the project.




conversion of containers, Container Conversions, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers
conversion of containers, Container Conversions, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers


A shipping container is an ideal secure storage unit for any builder, building site or construction industry operation. With remote sites that might be prone to the wrong attention at night time along with expensive and vitally important tools and machinery left on site overnight, construction companies are turning more and more to shipping containers to site their kit.

Cheap, quick to deliver, comparatively easy to move and very secure. A shipping container ticks all the boxes for most operations and it can easily sit at a site for the duration of one project before moving directly onto the next job. All our original 20ft shipping containers come with fork pockets as well as lifting eyes on all corners. This means it is well within the scope of the average building site to use the plant and machinery to move your shipping container around as required.

Great for the storage of smaller plant and equipment, from cement mixers up to diggers, but they can also be used as a secure tool shed, workshop and we have seen them converted into welding and sand blasting bays.



Shipping containers are much more less costly to fit out than a normal bar or restaurant. Again, taking into consideration the fact that you don’t need to pay rent for your bar or restaurant container due to the fact that they can easily be moved from one to place to another unless made fixed by the customer.

These converted containers are more advantageous with the enormous space the provide and considering the fact that the take little or no time to set them up. 


conversion of containers, Container Conversions, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers
conversion of containers, Container Conversions, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers


Building a house, even a small one, requires a lot of skill and strength. In other words, it is a big achievement rather than a small one. To build a home you need thousands of materials, not to mention that there are numerous tasks involved. Therefore, it is quite intimidating unless you are an experienced builder. If you desperately want to simplify the entire process, then you should use shipping containers, which are the perfect modules. These units can be easily converted into a humble abode and the design is so chic that it will definitely make heads turn.

It is more costly to start building a house from scratch, shipping container housing are ideal because their prices are quite affordable. More precisely, it will cost very little to order or buy a shipping container than going about with the idea of building a house with the need to buy the necessary materials involved in the construction of a house. it is even economical in comparison to buying a new residence within the same area and that may have the same space with the container. Shipping container are in fact the cheapest homes you can ever built and with the recent advancements you don’t t look around for where to buy a container.  What you only need to do is hire a company specialized in shipping container conversions which is why shipmancontainer is here for you to take care of all aspects of the project for you. By so doing, you will avoid bothering yourself about construction.



Reefers containers are mostly used for a wide variety of things, the most obvious being refrigerated transportation of non-lasting goods around the globe. Most often these refrigerated containers are used by event industries, restaurant and catering units for cool storage both on and offsite. These containers are naturally movable and the provide a scalable cold storage solution, saving you the need of setting up of a warehouse space and also removing the need for you to install expensive coolstore equipment. These containers are ideal for someone who deals with perishable goods, all you need to do is make sure they are always kept clean.

Commonly these days most business run out of storage space in the nearest future due to the fact that they expand their business scope leading to temporary storage needs. With a shipping container, this problem can easily be resolved, whether it’s for a long or short term. They take very little amount of space, as they are stackable up to 9 fit high. They are basically available to rent or purchase outright, and easy to move from one place to another. These containers can be used for both onsite and offsite storage. They are easy to modify, and you can even adding shelving units for secure document storage.



conversion of containers, Container Conversions, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers
conversion of containers, Container Conversions, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers


Recently this has been one of the major changes in our societies with most people using shipping containers for cafe venues. This is solely because they can easily be modified by their owners to suit the design the want and reflect the type of business they want to create.

These containers are eco-friendly making them ideal for either the creation of cafes or restaurants that come enormous benefits compared to the traditional new constructions. By setting up a container for your cafe, you go a long way to save additional materials that could be used for the construction of other infrastructures. As mentioned in subsequent uses, you get your business up and running at a very quick rate because they are much more easier to set up and modify. This is something anyone who is environmentally conscious will be very happy about.



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