ShipmanContainer Company History, Company History, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers


Shipmancontainer was created in 2002 and has experienced a milestone from when it was created to this point in existence, growing from a single person from 2002 to a team of over 50 members and a total number of 12 delivery lorries.

Shipmancontainer has always competed to standout as one of the best shipping containers within and out of Europe. We love being part of an exciting and successful business, this really helps us to have a real understanding of your business needs around accommodation and storage, and with our experience from this line of business we have taken measures and adapted to several new and affordable methods to make sure we offer our customers housing accommodation and storage space at relatively low cost and with in a short period of time.

The work of shipmancontainer has grown into providing different services in the field of containers. In addition to buying and selling containers we facilitate in the storage of containers, but also execute repair, renovation and modification of various types of container.

For the past 18yrs of active service, shipmancontainer has taken priority in  making sure it satisfies it’s customers in any transaction. This has made the company to acquire an established position in the container market. That’s why when we do business we make sure our customer’s give us positive feedback at the end of our transaction. All the activities of the company are expressed in the choice of high quality materials and the use of certified and dedicated staff. Our workshop is full equipped to ensure  we have a mobile and flexible approach.

ShipmanContainer Company History, Company History, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers
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