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Shipmancontainers is responsible for the designing and building with well designed interiors. We also create mezzanine desk level and handrails. We do all this in collaboration with the safety requirements department to make sure we follow steps put in place for such activities. 

String Ian

Production Manager , Shipmancontainers

For our years of transaction with the shipmancontainer company, both products and the customer service has been excellent, not leaving out the fact that they provide solution to our problems in little or no time.

Jason Goodal

Commercial director , Culford School

The company is responsible for the drawings and delivery of your container, by so doing we take care of your electric,painting and fitting out your container for you, by so doing we save time and make sure your container arrives your site fully ready for use


Container Hiring, Manager Shipmancontainers

We are very please with the delivery and installation till date and we are very happy with the results.

Countryside Properties PLC

Shipmancontainer is one of the best company i have worked with providing the fact the plan each step carefully to make sure both the product and customer safe after delivery.

The Hub

When it comes to keeping to deadline, our company holds this in high esteem. Shipmancontainers has been very conscious of this fact and this has created a string bond between the two companies for a number of years now. Above all the team has been very welcoming and hard working to keep the company going.

Howard HumphreysBurnell Switchgear & Control

All aspects of the fit out – by both our own team and our client – had to be compliant with the ISO requirements for shipping, of which we have extensive experience.

Danny Container Conversions project

Manager shipmancontainer

The company has a priority of meeting up to their given date which is a very important fact when it comes to long distance business transactions. The company has always worked hard with us to make sure the products they supply us are of high standards and that they meet up to our demands

Howard Humphreys

Burnell & Control

After carrying out business transactions with a host of shipping container companies, we decided to take up the cost of constructing our own infrastructures not paying too much attention to the cost until we came in contact with a customer familiar with shipmancontainer and he proposed we give a try with the company which has been the best option for the past 4 years for us now. 


Burnell Switchgear & Control

Shipmancontainer is a great company to deal with; they are diligent and plan each stage carefully to ensure everything goes smoothly. It was a good experience working together.

The Hub

It was a heart-stopping moment – we had no classroom, 30 children were on their way and time was running out. Fortunately Shipmancontainers came to the rescue and were brilliant. After contacting them in mid-August, they immediately carried out a site survey and turned our order – and delivery – around in just one week.


Our company had a serious fire accident, with the devastating consequences, we needed to separate the clean items recovered from the fire incident and store them up for later use in a separate place to avoid contamination. Providing the fact that we had worked with shipmacontainer before, we had to contact them on a Friday for a container we needed urgently. The had to pull out all stops and gladly we received our container on the following Tuesday.

D*****n Houghton

Resources Manager, St Bede

The container we received was prefabricated offsite and then fitted out internally once in position after delivery. The interior was very clean you such that once your are inside, you will barely fine any difference with a well constructed building. The container was delivered to us by the shipmancontainer transport department with 1 week 3 days considerably very short to us.

Martyn G*****n

DirectorRG Carter

Before the only thing we could be sure of is the mobile welfare unit the could be transported around the country from one site to another at a relatively low cost till we came in contact with the shipmancontainers who were also very mind blowing and also cost effective. There is no better way we could express our feelings after our transaction by telling them how happy and satisfied we were.

Billy S***n


The process from start to finish was awesome. The delivery and installation was excellent they use a very small lorry to ensure easy access to the site and the staff were extremely helpful. 

S****h Rees

Head teacher , Great B****n

Over the years Byron has gone back to Shipmancontainer on several instances for the purchase of containers and it has always been worth it, due to the fat that provide a high level of detail and design and an easy company to deal with.

Julian M****s

Commercial Director, Byron M***e

The installation and delivery part of the project was a major added value to us by the shipmancontainer own in-house team. Not leaving out the fact that they have their own lifting equipments, operated by their train drivers which was very reassuring and the fact that the own a fleet of vehicles for the transportation of their containers. 

K*****n Stuck

Building Surveyor, B****h Council

Dealing with Shipmancontainer was a breath of fresh air. They immediately understood what we needed and delivered it at a competitive price too. I can honestly say that we have not had a single quality issue and the customer service has been excellent.

Bob W**e

Operations Director, A******t

Really please with our ‘Used Once’ 10ft container. Great team to deal with. Delivery driver excellent.


B***k Aid C******e Trust

Great company to deal with. Great service and after sales recommended

Brian K****t

B*******l Construction

Helpful delivery driver. Well packaged for transportation. Straightforward assembly instructions.

David R****t

M**s School

The delivery was on time and the driver showed consideration and care when taking the WC and site office off. We will continue to use this firm for the jobs in the future. 10 out of 10.

Matthew M*****t

Marfleet C*******s

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Client Testimonial, Client Testimonial, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers
Client Testimonial, Client Testimonial, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers
Client Testimonial, Client Testimonial, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers
Client Testimonial, Client Testimonial, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers
Client Testimonial, Client Testimonial, Buy Brand New Shipping Containers

“Up to this point, my dealings with the company has been mind blowing with every transaction having a happy ending. The moment we  give a call or an email, the are very quick to respond and give us feedback on what we seek answers for. And the transport team has been the one to deliver our products to us at a very secured and prominent way”



We were very pleased with the new developments in our school campus handled by shipmancontainer company. They took very little time to build what we had in mind, they have a very flexible and welcoming team, we had a very good time having them around! with the environment having certain challenges they were quick to adjust to the changes and delivered the work in less than no time.


The company has a very good pricing system making it easy for every customer to have an opportunity to buy from them and also the opportunity the give to every customer to visit their site for further inspection of your property before purchase.The order was shelved to us in no time and is now in effective use. The experience with shipmancontainer was a fruitful one through the quality team put in place by the company with the fact that they went extra miles to meet up with our demands.

N***l D****n

Corporate & Community Partnership , Manager St Elizabeth Hospice

As soon as I met a couple of members of the shipmancontainer team, I felt totally confident that this was a quality product from a knowledgeable company. The 20ft containers also incorporated easy opening doors making it possible for anyone to operate.

Gary C****l

Director , SB D*****s

We contacted Shipmancontainer after looking at its website and spent time talking to the knowledgeable team about our requirements. Throughout, it was a very positive experience with good channels of communication.

Asher G*****y

H****t Nurseries

Due to the fact that our site had a very bad shape, conventional containers could not fit in our site without causing damage. The flat pack containers delivered to us by shipmancontainer were the ideal solution to our problem.

Neil C*****r

Financial Controller, Drive V*****l

At first the distance got me worried if i will receive my container after i make my order and pay for it. But the shipmancontainer sales team gave me enough assurance as to when i will have my container delivered to my site and i was very honored they kept their own end of the bargain.

Peter K****t

Bury Turf Care

Despite the complex specification, the completed unit was designed, manufactured and delivered within a 16-week period and we were delighted with the result.

A*****y Clark


I just want to thank they whole shipmancontainer sales team for giving me a fix date on when to expect my container and the fact that the overcame all the odds to deliver my container at my site.   

Peter K****t

Bury Turf Care

The jackleg design was perfect for ensuring we could get it level as the legs can be adjusted. I was impressed by the quality of the cabin and glad to have found a solution that meets all our requirements.

Peter K****t

Bury Turf Care

Excellent service and support. Thank you!

S****n Moore

East of Poland

Great company – easy to deal with and understand ones needs

Dan C*****n

G****o Gardens

Affordable, secure and easily accessible. All contents inside safe from damp

Lee G*******d

Premier H*****d

This container is in excellent condition, is very secure and opens easily from both ends. Just what we needed as a store for our workshop’s tools and stock.

Mel B****n

B**e Hub

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