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This time Shipmancontainer will talk about reefer containers.Refrigerated containers (also known as reefer containers or reefers) are containers that have usually been equipped with their own reefer machine so that the inside temperature can be adjusted to being cold...

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What sized storage container do I need?

We are a asked on a daily basis, "what type of storage container do I need?". Every case is of course different, and there's not one answer we can give, but here's a few common examples. A space for farm equipment  “I need more storage space for machines and vehicles...

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A brief history on shipping containers. Most people don’t understand or recognize the significance of the humble shipping container.  Before shipping containers, all goods were manually loaded into sacks, barrels and wooden creates loaded directly onto cargo vessels –...

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FAQ 8: Used and new containers – what’s the difference?

Customers are often confused on which container should i choose? why is the price of a particular container be different from another? After a very long period of time shipmancontainers realise these are questions mostly asked by our clients, which are also questions...

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